A statement from swornenemies:

The rise of social media and the anonymity of the internet have opened the door for paroxysms of giddy and malicious name-calling. Over the past decade, this behavior has bled from comment sections and user forums, to posts, tweets, viral memes and beyond. What we’ve reaped from all the sowing of discord have been new forms of political shaming and social combat, with adherents openly showing contempt for those of an opposite position. We’ve now grown accustomed to the spectacle of insults, streaming to us through traditional media, social media, online publications and comment areas. We chafe; take offense – umbrage even, at these accusations. Yet, we find the corollaries of the offense stimulating, affirming - even arousing: each position is a call to arms.

With such an obvious opportunity, it seemed only logical to force such opposite poles to meet at their edges, to force dialog as one forces an offending pustule from the nose.

In order to bring this necessary association to the light of day, to hash out differences face-to-face rather than by proxy, a mechanism was needed: from this primordial bisque of cheap loathing, swornenemies was born.

swornenemies traffics in simple, two-color, text-based design for an expanding array of applications ranging from fine art prints, to clothing, animated GIFs, and retinal after-images. Visit our online-store today for the latest in swornenemies offerings.